The Tale Of Natives

2017/Color/33 mins

Category Documentary Films
Director Amol Aglave
Cinematography Yatish Ambekar
Editor Rohit Ghoshke
Production Company Saumya Arts And Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
Festival/Awards NA
Synopsis Mumbai is a Cosmopolitan city, abode to many people from different cultures and ethnicities. Mumbai has always been welcoming dreamers , guests , wayfarers , travellers and people who want to make it their home with an open arm. Many from the present generation would vouch that their ancestors who have come to Mumbai in the last couple of centuries from far away lands have been benefitted tremendously. Hence , it is called the "CITY OF DREAMS". There is a community who has been part of Mumbai right from their first generation and have taken part in shaping the Mumbai city that we are proud of today. This community is known as the " Somvanshi Kshatriya Pathare". "The Tale of Natives" is an insight into the journey of the "Somvanshi Kshatriya Pathare" community and delves inside their mind , their soul and their heart in understanding the way they have helped shape Mumbai in enriching its past , present and future through their culture , their food , their history.