2017/Color/16 mins 13 sec

Category Short Films
Director Prasenjit Shaw, Anindra Dutta
Cinematography Sourideb Chatterjee
Editor Prabir Giri
Production Company Freedom Creative
Festival/Awards NA
Synopsis The short film 'Six' directed by Prasenjit & Anindra has a symbolis meaning which is depending on the Christion belief of '666' and 'devil' is clearly mentioned. In this harror film, a young couple living in a flat comperment. One day while coming from work the husband started feeling some unusual things about their flat. There incidents happened back to back that day- First, the taxi driver asked for '6' rupees change then the '6th floor' lift is not working and suddenly the '6' no channel stopped working. This three incidents connected to happen. At the end, the little girl of the young couple get attached by this and mysteriously disappeared.