Tanyabi Lake

2017/Color/60 mins/India

Category Unheard India: Rare Language Indian Films
Director Satarupa Sanyal
Producer NA
Screenplay Satarupa Sanyal
Cinematography Sunirmal Majumdar
Editor Uttam Roy
Music Satarupa Sanyal
Set Samir Kundu
Costume Satarupa Sanyal
Cast Rita Chakma, Pranjal Roy, Pulak Khisa, Mrinal Kanti Chakma
Production Company Films Division, Govt Of India
World Sales Films Division, Govt Of India
Festival/Awards Osian's-Cinefan Asian Film Festival in 2004 and Bengaluru International Film Festival

There was a small chakma village on the bank of Chengi, a tributary rivulet to Karnaphuli, where a pretty damsel Tanyabi lived. She was in deep love with a young man Punang Chan. But her parents did not agree to their marriage because the young man was poor and could not pay the 'Dava'(Dowry). Tanyabi's parents married away their daughter to a rich old man at a distant village which was also situated by the bank of Chengi with much fanfare. The poor lover Punang Chan had to accept this cruel fate due to the fear of the society. But lovetorn Tanyabi could not forget Punang Chan. The nostalgia of her past and sweet life with him drew tears from her eyes. The river Chengi was so grief-stricken that she started flowing and changing the course, nearly a kilometre away, from the village of Tanyabi. As the river changed its course, the old dried up course was gradually filled up by Tanyabi's tears and a lake was formed.