2005/Color/120 mins/India

Category Unheard India: Rare Language Indian Films
Director Ahsan Majid
Producer Ashok Kumar Jhuria
Screenplay G.K. Borkakoti
Cinematography Naresh Sarma
Editor Mahadeb Shi
Music Archana Bhattacharjee Ahsan
Set Dayal Krishna Nath
Costume Dayal Krishna Nath
Cast Hagge D. Appa (Lopsang), Tashi Lhamu,(Sonam), Sonam Palzar Lacwungpa (Pema), Phurba Lapcha (Tenzing), Karma Dorjee(Kezang), Pem Khandu(Dava), Sonam Puma(Droka), Lungten Khochilu
Production Companies NA
World Sales NA
Festival/Awards 53rd national film award, 'Jury Special Mention 2007' award and FIPRESCI's (International Critic Federation) Certificate of Merit The 9th International Film Festival 2007 (Organized by Mumbai Academy of Moving Images, 37th International Film Festival of India, 2006, at Goa, India, in Competitive Section & Indian Panorama. # 5th, Third Eye Asian Film Festival 2006 at Mumbai & Pune # 11th Kolkata International Film Festival, 2006 # Bangalore International Film Festival 2006 # MAMI's 9th International Film Festival 2007. # Pune International Film Festival 2007. # Hyderabad International Film Festival 2007. # 2nd Habitat Film Festival, New Delhi 2007.

This is a first feature made in "Monpa" dialect of the Indo-Tibetan branch of languages, spoken in the mountainous Himalayan region, bordering Tibet and Bhutan in district, West Kameng & Tawang of Arunachal Pradesh, of India. In fact this is the first Arunchali dialect feature film. This film deals polyandry in a small society called Brokpas, a society of "Yak shepherds" who lives in the mountain slopes of the Himalayan range. It is a custom in the region where a wife can have more than one husband. The director deals directly with the unique labyrinthine situation when the husband offers to accept the lover of his wife as co- husband. The presence of the new husband catapulted the first husband out and he becomes very lonely. And the film slowly reveals the firm bond of the natural pair-bond exist between the men and the women.