2013/Color/115 mins/India

Category Unheard India: Rare Language Indian Films
Director Raahul Sharma
Producer Arun Sharma, Tazeem Dar, Megha Sharma, Sunil Bandral
Screenplay Raahul Sharma
Cinematography Bharat Arora
Editor Sukhdev Singh
Music Arvind
Set Amar Singh
Costume JD Institute of Fashion
Cast Tanveer Das, Tajasvi Sharma, Yashpal Sharma, Ganesh Yadav, Mushtaq Kak, Mahesh Puri, Sher Singh, Subhash Jamwal, Deepak Bradoo, Surinder Goel
World Sales NA
Festival/Awards NA

Based on true incidents from the city temples (Jammu),"Geetiyan" (The Pebbles) describes the era of 1980s and it portrays behaviour of small street gangsters and their lifestyle. Vicky, a small gangster with his three friends-Gopal, Punnu and Raju wishes to rule the whole town. Similarly another street gangster Rehman also wishes same. Rehman seeks help from Wazid in earnings and he assigns Rehman the job of arms smuggling. Vicky comes in contact with young boy Fyaz and he becomes fourth associate of Vicky. Vicky is being harmed by Wazid but Vicky and his associates blame it to Rehman. Rehman's right hand Habib being killed by Vicky and this rivalry leads to Punnu's death. "Geetiyan" portrays an era of 1980s and in late 80s migration of Kashmiri pundits from valley started to Jammu. This deflects the attention of Government from these pebbles to international issue of militancy.