1959/B&W/71 mins/India

Category Homage
Director Agragami (Saroj Dey, Nishith Banerjee, Parbotishankar Dey)
Producer NA
Screenplay Agragami
Cinematography Ramananda Sengupta
Editor Santosh Gangopadhyay
Music Sudhin Dasgupta
Set Sudhir Khan
Costume NA
Cast Chhabi Biswas (Krishna Prasanna), Karuna Bandyopadhyay (Labanya), Ranjana Bandyopadhyay (daughter), Shyamal Ghoshal, Shobha Sen, Santosh Dutta
Production Company Riten & Co.
World Sales NA
Festival/Awards NA

The school of a remote and poor village shut down, the head master Krishna Prasanna migrates to city in search of job. He moves with family, wife Labanya, nubile daughter and very young son. He takes residence with his wife's brother. He meets per chance one of his ex students, of whom he used to take free evening classes and many of whom got merit scholarship and became cream of society, a doctor, a judge, successful lawyer, manager of a big bank and so on. Can he cross the barrier and meet them? All have big bungalows and office with watchmen to stop. If he managed to meet them, will they recall his contribution and help their benefactor? If they do, what change he has to bring in himself? Can he?