2017/Color/92 mins/Norway

Category Cinema International
Director Boudewijn Koole
Producer Ineke Kanters, Jan van der Zanden
Screenplay Jolein Laarman
Cinematography Melle van Essen
Editor Gys Zevenbergen
Music Alex Simu
Set NA
Costume NA
Cast Rifka Lodeizen (Roos), Elsie de Brauw (Louise), Jakob Oftebro (Johnny), Marcus Hanssen (Bengt)
Production Company The Film Kitchen
World Sales Pluto Film Distribution Network GmbH, Germany
Festival/Awards Toronto, 2017; Vancouver, 2017; Chicago, 2017

Roos visits her mother in Norway yearly, but this time it's different: she brings a bad news. At first, old pain and numerous reproaches keep Roos from sharing anything with her mother. With the help of her half brother and an old love, the two women eventually reconcile and Roos is ready to take her next and inescapable step.