Husband's Home

2017/Color/95 mins/India (Kodava)

Category Unheard India: Rare Language Indian Films
Director M.D. Kowshik
Producer K. Yashoda Prakash
Screenplay A.T. Raghu
Cinematography Gowari Venkatesh
Editor Arun Thoms
Music Hemantah Kumar
Set Purshotam
Costume NA
Cast Maller Raaj (Bopu) ,Vidya Kattera (Boji), Rahul (Sunil) ,Prakash (Kaashi) ,M.D. Kowshik (Handicapped Driver)
Production Company Swasthik Entertainers
World Sales NA
Festival/Awards NA

A Kodava girl gets married to a soldier. But after a few days, he leaves for the border to take part in a war. After sometime, the wife gets news of her husband going missing in the border clash. Here after social suspense continues with elements of patriotism. Finally, she is thrown out of her home by her husband's family members leading her to face societal rejection from society. Finally she leaves for the city with her child and struggles alone. After this, the missing husband returns and this leads to a lot more twists in the plot. Finally she proves herself to be an empowered being.