2016/Color/91 mins/India (Kannad)

Category National Award Winning Films
Director Nikhil Manjoo
Producer Yakub Khader
Screenplay Nikhil Manjoo
Cinematography PVR Swamy
Editor N Adithya Kunigal
Music Sameer Kulakarni
Set Kumar
Costume NA
Cast Nikhil Manjoo, Manasi Sudhir, Srinivas Meshtru
Production Company Thotadamane, Kundapur
World Sales NA
Festival/Awards Best Kannada Film, 64th National Film Awards, 2016

The film elaborates the effect and repercussions of the reservation policy on the various segments of the society which is prevailed in India and one can also see it as a Pan-Indian phenomenon. One can't justify it and also can't make value judgements very easily on it.