Adult Life Skills

2016/Color/96 mins/UK

Category Country Focus: UK: Contemporary
Director Rachel Tunnard
Producer Michael Berliner
Screenplay Rachel Tunnard
Cinematography Bet Rourich
Editor Rachel Tunnard
Music Micah P. Hinson
Set Fiona Albrow
Costume Rebecca Gore
Cast Jodie Whittaker, Brett Goldstein, Alice Lowe, Edward Hogg, Lorraine Ashbourne
Production Company Pico Pictures (UK)
World Sales Independent 6 Hatton Place, London
Festival/Awards Tribeca, 2016

Anna is hurtling towards 30 and struggling to cope with the loss of her twin brother. Retreating back to the rural town she grew up in, she camps out in the shed in her mother's backyard making secret films about her thumbs - thumbs that bicker about whether Yogi Bear is a moral or existential nihilist. Shortly before Anna's 30th birthday, her Mum serves her an ultimatum - she needs to move out, stop dressing like a homeless teenager and get her life together. Furthermore, when Anna's friend from school comes to visit, Anna's situation changes, as her self-imposed isolation becomes harder to keep up. Forced to venture out, she crosses paths with a lonely 8-year-old boy and they strike up an unlikely friendship, an experience that slowly teaches Anna how to regain control of her life.