2017/Color/115 mins/Turkey

Category Cinema International
Director Onur Saylak
Producer Kerem Catay
Screenplay Hakan Gunday, Onur Saylak, Dogu Yasar Akal podle stejnojmenneho romanu
Cinematography Kerem Catay
Editor Ali Aga
Music Uygur Yigit
Set Dilek Ayaztuna, Aykut Ayaztuna
Costume NA
Cast Ahmet Mumtaz Taylan (Ahad), Hayatvan Eck (Gaza), Turgutt Tuncalp (Harmin), Tankut Yildiz (Dordor), Tuba Buyukustun (Ahra)
Production Company Ay Apim
World Sales Heretic Outreach
Festival/Awards NA

Fourteen-year-old Gaza lives with his father Ahad in a small town on the coast of the Aegean Sea. The intelligent youngster has a talent for learning and he'd like to continue his studies at a prestigious school in Istanbul. But Ahad, known in the area as a fruit and vegetable carrier, sees his son's future differently. He gets Gaza to help with his side business-smuggling refugees from the Mideast. Despotic and unscrupulous, Ahad keeps groups of refugees in demeaning conditions until it's time to send them on their way. And he is slowly passing on his experience in dealing with refugees to Gaza. Is it possible to maintain innocence in such an environment? Complexly conceived, this disturbing psychological study of an adolescent boy's transformation under the influence of those around him bears dark tidings about the contemporary world.