1988/Color/103 mins/INDIA

Category Centenary Tribute
Director Nabendu Ghosh
Producer Nabendu Ghosh
Screenplay Nabendu Ghosh
Cinematography Moloy Dasgupta
Editor Afaque Hussain
Music Salil Chowdhury
Set Goutam Sen
Costume NA
Cast Nana Patekar
Nitish Bharadwaj
Pallavi Joshi
Production Company Chitramaya
World Sales Deluxe Film Distributors
Festival/Awards National Film Award 1989 for Best Debut Director; Featured in Cairo International Film Festival, 1989; Inaugural film, Festival of India in Thailand, 1996; Osian Cinefan Festival to mark 2550 years of the Buddha.

In the 1st century BC, Buddhism had spread far and wide. Sariput was a Buddhist town in Central Asian desert where sandstorms were a regular feature. After one such storm only the upper floor of a Vihara survived along with two monks, Pithumitta and Ucchanda, and two infants, Nirvana and Iti. Twenty years later they grow into a handsome youth and a lissome lady. The flame of desire is sparked when the young monk Ucchanda chances upon Iti bathing. Haunted by the sight, he resists the desire. But conflict builds up as he watches the intimacy between the youngsters. Jealousy prompts him to manipulate Nirvana to renounce the world - even as Iti tries to win him back.