The Tree Goddess

2017/Color/115 mins/Sri Lanka

Category Cinema International
Director Sumitra Peries
Producer Manohan Nanayakkara
Screenplay Tony Ranasinghe
Cinematography Donald Karunaratna
Editor Chamath Paranawidana
Music Nimal Mendis
Set Upathissa Ilangakon
Costume NA
Cast Samadhi Arunachaya (Ruchira), Thumudu Dodantanne (Osanda), Jayalath Manoratne (Father), Irangani Serasinghe (Mother), Yashoda Wimaladharma (Tree Goddess)
Production Company Pradana Developments Pvt. Ltd.
World Sales NA
Festival/Awards NA

1930's, Sri Lanka. Partly a compelling domestic drama, and a demonic love story, the narrative follows a puppet-maker who's set to be married to a young girl. Unfortunately, the girl elopes with her secret lover. Devastated, the grieving puppetmaker ends up carving a puppet in her likeness, which eventually comes to life, setting in motion a fantastical chain of events. Aptly titled, "Vaishnavee" refers to the consort of Lord Shiva-a creator, destroyer and transformer. It is the transformative aspect that is personified by the protagonist (the puppet-maker) in this film. During the powerful climax, the puppeteer realizes the transcendent, spiritual nature of love.