Do It Right

2016/Color/98 mins/France

Category Cinema International
Director Chad Chenouga
Producer Arnaud Tournaire
Screenplay Chad Chenouga, Christine Paillard
Cinematography Thomas Bataille
Editor Pauline Casalis
Music NA
Set Brigitte Brassart
Costume Julie Brones
Cast Klaled Alouach (Nassim), Yolande Moreau (Madame Cousin), Laurent Xu (Kevin), Daouda Keita (Moussa), Aboudou Sacko (Brahim), Jisca Kalvanda(Zawady).
Production Company TS Productions
World Sales Playtime (ex Films Distribution)
Festival/Awards NA

When Nassim, 16, is placed in Madame Cousin's foster care in the social projects, he refuses to be assimilated with the other lowlife residents. He invents himself a whole other life, one that is more alike the wealthy teenagers from the Paris high-school he still goes to. His two contradicted lives, at the foster care and at high-school, must never meet.