2017/Color/90 mins/Spain

Category Cinema International
Director Yayo Herrero
Producer Elvira Morales Sales, Enrique Lopez Lavigne, Eva Baltes, Javier,Carneros Lorenzo, Yayo Herrero
Screenplay Yayo Herrero
Cinematography Rafael Reparaz
Editor Jose Manuel Jimenez
Music The Youth
Set Javier Fernandez
Costume Bubi Escobar
Cast Alma Terzic, August Wittgenstein, Aleksander Seskan, Sanin Milavic, Diana Fernandez, Ion Gutta, Ella Jazz
Production Company Cine365 FILM
World Sales NA
Festival/Awards Chicago 2017

In his electrifying debut, first-time director Herrero revisits the trauma of a crippling war through a genre lens. Lost in a Bosnian forest littered with old land mines, young couple Alec and Sasa find themselves trapped in a waking nightmare, tortured and victimized by two sadistic Serbian hunters. Desperate, Sasa summons a protective spirit, unleashing a long dormant force that violently lashes out, leaving carnage in its wake.