1960/B&W/151 mins/INDIA

Category Centenary Tribute
Director Rajen Tarafdar
Producer NA
Screenplay Rajen Tarafdar
Cinematography Dinen Gupta
Editor Hrishikesh Mukhopadhyay
Music Salil Chowdhury
Set Rabi Chattopadhyay
Costume NA
Cast Jnanesh Mukhopadhyay,Sandhya Roy,Moni Srimani,Ruma Guha Thakurta,Niranjan Ray,Sita Mukhopadhyay,Md. Israil,Namita Singha,umana Bhattacharya
Production Company Cine Art Productions Pvt. Ltd.
World Sales Janata Pictures & Theatres Ltd
Festival/Awards President's Award, 1960

Panchu is a fisher man. His young nephew Bilash joins the profession who is very short tempered. He wants to go to sea and capture fish there. But Panchu is scared of it and does not want to allow Bilash to do so. He arranges the marriage of Bilash with Gardi who used to do fishing in Ichamati river.