Balad from Tibet

2016/Color/84 mins/China

Category Asian Select (NETPAC Award)
Director Zhang Wei
Producer Zhang Wei
Screenplay Chu Zheng, Chen Ruirui, Nyida Tsering, Gregory Marquette, Song Qianyi, Zhao Xu, Qin Ying, Li Dan, Gao Yuanyuan, Zhang Wan, Wang Hailan
Cinematography Tang Zhongcai, Hou Peng, Ju Wenyan
Editor Wu Yixiang, Ethan Maniquis, Manuel de Sousa
Music Peter Golub
Set Zhao Yu
Costume NA
Cast Lobsang Turpten, Yeshi Choedon, Karma Sangmo, Pama Gumi, Sonam Wangdu, Huang Hao
Production Company ShenZhen HuaHao Film & Media Co., Ltd.
World Sales ShenZhen HuaHao Film & Media Co., Ltd.
Festival/Awards Hamburg, 2017

This film is a story about a group of Tibetan kids embarking on an odyssey, each for a different reason. Thupten, with one eye partially working and the other completely dysfunctional, wants to see the world before his life goes completely dark. Droma, a beautiful weaving girl, wants to prove to her granny that she is more than a weaver by getting into a TV show. Sonam, a blind masseur, is fed up with his boring job. Kalsang, the youngest of them, simply follows others because it sounds terribly fun. With the help of a nomad family, a fleet of bikers, and a TV producer, the band marches to the metropolitan of Shenzhen. Their goal is to sing for everyone through the television network.