2017/Color/118 mins/Russia

Category Cinema International
Director Kantemir Balagov
Producer Nikolay Yankin, Edward Pichugin, Alexander Sokurov
Screenplay Anton Yarush, Kantemir Balagov
Cinematography Artem Yemelyanov
Editor Kantemir Balagov
Music NA
Set NA
Costume Lydia Kryukova
Cast Darya Zhovner (Ilana), Olga Dragunova (Adina), Artem Tsypin (Avi), Nazir Zhukov (Zalim), Veniamin Kats (David)
Production Companies Example of Intonation - Alexander Sokurov's Fund , Len Film
World Sales Wild Bunch International Sales
Festival/Awards FIPRESCI Award - Cannes 2017

1998, Nalchik, the North Caucasus, Russia. 24-year-old Ilana works in her father's garage to help him make ends meet. One evening, her extended family and friends gather to celebrate the engagement of her younger brother David. Later that night, the young couple is kidnapped, and a ransom demand delivered. In this close-knit Jewish enclave, involving the police is out of the question. How will the family raise the money to save David? Ilana and her parents, each in their own way, will go as far as necessary, whatever the risks to themselves...