A Letter to the President

2017/Color/83 mins/Afganisthan

Category Asian Select (NETPAC Award)
Director Roya Sadat
Producer Aziz Deldar, Roya Sadat
Screenplay Aziz Deldar
Cinematography Behrooz Badrooj
Editor Ahmad Farid Farahmand , Razi Kashi
Music Zabih Mahdi
Set NA
Costume NA
Cast Leena Alam (Soraya), Aziz Deldar (Behzad), Mamnoun Maqsoudi (Mammnon Maghsodi), Asad-Ullah Tajzai, Farzana Nawabi, Zareen Nory, Mahmoud Aryoubi, Qadir Aryaie.
Production Companies Roya Film House, Kaboora Productions
World Sales NA
Festival/Awards Na

A look at the harsh realities facing women in today's Afghanistan, the film follows Soraya (Leena Alam) a lowly female public official who struggles to observe modern laws when confronted with ancient tribal rules that condemn another woman to a brutal punishment. Finding herself on the wrong side of the law after being arrested for her efforts, her only hope of redemption is through a direct written appeal to the president. Dramatic tension builds as Soraya finds herself literally walking to her own execution while elsewhere the president is only just reading her letter and her children play in a garden, unaware of their mother's fate.