On Body and Soul

2017/Color/116 mins/Hungary

Category Cinema International
Director Ildiko Enyedi
Producer Monika Mecs, Andras Muhi, Erno Mesterhazy
Screenplay Ildiko Enyedi
Cinematography Mate Herbai
Editor Karoly Szalai
Music Adam Balazs
Set Imola Lang
Costume NA
Cast Geza Morcsanyi (Endre), Alexandra Borbely (Maria), Zoltan Schneider (Jeno), Ervin Nagy (Sanyi), Itala Bekes (Zsoka),
Production Company Inforg - M&M Film KFT
World Sales Films Boutique
Festival/Awards Golden Bear Award , Berlin 2017

Endre and Maria work at an abattoir. He is the financial director, she the new quality inspector. By day, their urban workplace houses scenes of animals being slaughtered - and Enyedi does not shy away from the carnage. By night, they dream of the same pastoral scene in which deer rub against each other in the snow. Endre is mild-mannered, while the OCD-afflicted Maria is nervous and introverted. In everyday life, these two can't quite connect, then a company psychiatrist realizes that they see identical images during sleep. Should these subconsciously kindred coworkers commingle in their waking hours? Or are they better off resigning themselves to being lovers only in dreams?