The Family

2017/ Colour/ 82 mins/Venezuela, Chile, Norway

Category Cinema International
Director Gustavo Rondon Cordova
Producer Natalia Machado Fuenmayor, Marianela Illas, Ruben Sierra Salles, Rodolfo Cova, Gustavo Rondon Cordova
Screenplay Gustavo Rondon Cordova
Cinematography Luis Armando Arteaga
Editor Andrea Chignoli, Cristina Carrasco (EDA), Gustavo Rondon Cordova
Music Alejandro Zavala
Set Matias Tikas
Costume NA
Cast Giovanny Garcia (Andres), Reggie Reyes (Pedro)
Production Companies La Pandilla, Cine Cercano, Factor RH, Avila Films, DHF
World Sales Celluloid Dreams
Festival/Awards NA

In La Familia, Andres is a single father who works hard to barely survive. In the absence of the maternal figure, only basic care can be offered to his 12-year-old son Pedro. Consciously or unconsciously, his father is also absent, as if expecting the boy to be raised alone, to learn alone, to survive alone. Exploring family ties is such a pressing issue now in Venezuela, in the midst of all our inescapable social problems. Our country is undergoing a hostile and individualistic moment. That's why I chose to make a film in which the characters are shaped by their situation and its dynamics after their bond is shattered by a violent event. This film is about bringing two people together, a father and son. Their first step is to repair the bond to live a new existence.