2017/Color/96 mins/Germany

Category Cinema International
Director Felix Randau
Producer Jan Kruger
Screenplay Felix Randau
Cinematography Jakub Bejnarowicz
Editor Vessela Martschewski
Music NA
Set NA
Costume Cinzia Cioffi
Cast Jurgen Vogel (Kelab), Franco Nero (Ditob), Andre M. Hennicke (Krant), Susanne Wuest (Kisis), Sabin Tambrea (Tasar), Martin Augustin Schneider (Gosar) .
Production Company Stab und Finanzierung, Besetzung und Dreharbeiten, Veroffentlichung.
World Sales Beta Cinema
Festival/Awards Locarno 2017

The Otztal Alps, more than 5'300 years ago. A Neolithic clan has settled near a river where their leader, Kelab, is also the guardian of the sacred Tineka altar. One day, while Kelab went hunting, the camp was attacked; the members of the tribe are brutally murdered, including the wife and son of Kelab. Tineka was stolen and only one newborn survived the massacre. Blinded by the pain, Kelab sets out to get revenge and has no choice but to take the child with him.The characters in the film speak of an ancient variant of the Rhaetian.