2017/B&W/116 mins/Brazil, Portugal

Category Cinema International
Director Daniela Thomas
Producer Beto Amaral, Maria Ionescu, Sara Silveira
Screenplay Daniela Thomas, Beto Amaral
Cinematography Inti Briones
Editor Estevan Schilling, Tiago Marinho
Music NA
Set Valdy Lopes JN
Costume Cassio Brasil
Cast Adriano Carvalho (Antonio), Luana Nastas (Beatriz), Sandra Corveloni (Dona Ondina) Juliana Carneiro de Cunha (Dona Zizinha), Roberto Audio (Batholomeu), Jai Baptista (Feliciana)
Production Company NA
World Sales Films Boutique
Festival/Awards NA

Brazil in 1821, shortly before independence. Like many of his countrymen mine owner Antonio has turned his back on mining and now breeds cattle. He lives on his estate with a group of slaves whose customs and languages are as different as the places from whence they were once abducted. Having lost his wife and child during the child's birth he marries Beatriz, his late wife's twelve-year-old niece. He dedicates himself to his cattle, leaving her alone with the slaves. Determined to find her place in this community, self-confident Beatriz manages to shake up the balance of power characterised by violence, bullying, sexual assault and miscommunication.