2016/Color/100 mins/Poland

Category Special Screening
Director Andrzej Wajda
Producer Michal Kwiecinski
Screenplay Andrzej Wajda
Cinematography Pawel Edelman
Editor Grazyna Gradon
Music Andrzej Panufnik
Set Marek Warszewski
Costume Katarzyna Lewinska
Cast Boguslaw Linda (Wladyslaw Strzeminski), Bronislawa Zamachowska (Nika Strzeminska), Zofia Wichlacz (Hania), Aleksandra Justa (Katarzyna Kobro), Krzysztof Pieczynski (Julian Przybos)
Production Company Akson Studio
World Sales Films Boutique
Festival/Awards Official Oscar Submission 2017 (Foreign Language Film)

Art is freedom. As Stalin rose to power, freedom was under attack; art was under attack. The film is the story of Wladyslaw Strzeminski (Boguslaw Linda), the most important Polish painter of the 20th century. World War I left him with a missing arm and leg, but this didn't stop him from pursuing art. Strzeminski's avant-garde paintings and sculptures were abstract and playful, yet sophisticated. People recognized this, and his art became successful internationally. At the peak of his career, Stalin came to power, ordering all art to be objectified, serving as Soviet propaganda. Afterimage is a heartbreaking yet hopeful story of resilience. Its affecting score offers a glimpse into the emotions of those living in desperation, clinging to any amount of faith. The miserable, gray environment contrasts with the artist's whimsical creations, reminding us that without art, life is joyless.