Talking Of Michelangelo

2017/Color & b&w/ 61 mins

Category Poetry on Celluloid
Director Modhurima Sinha
Producer Modhurima Sinha & Arijit Roychowdhury
Screenplay NA
Cinematography Abhijit Dutta and Asish Haldar
Editor Swarnava Chakraborty
Music Debajyoti MIshra
Set NA
Costume Sreenanda Shankar and Modhurima Sinha
Cast Sreenanda Shankar, Siddharth Ghosh, Abhinandan Dutta
Production Company Tempest Productions
World Sales NA
Festival/Awards NA

Nandini, a wealthy married, young woman living in luxury, in urban contemporary Calcutta, has a sophisticated lifestyle, attending high end art shows, and tea parties , travelling in Ferraris , owned by her husband who is always travelling round the world. It is about her soul searching and journey in trying to find something beyond her pretentious, superficial, materialistic existence.