To Let

2017/Color/99 mins/India

Category Competition on Indian Language's Films
Director Chezhiyan Ra
Producer Prema Chezhiyan
Screenplay Chezhiyan Ra
Cinematography Chezhiyan Ra
Editor A. Sreekar Prasad
Music NA
Set Shankar
Costume Prema Chezhiyan
Cast Sreevam Santosh, Suseela, Dharan
Production Company La Cinema, Chennai
World Sales La Cinema, Chennai
Festival/Awards NA

The story of a couple with a child. The child likes to draw; the mother likes plants and flowers. Dad tries to break into the world of cinema. The owner of their accommodation a little too greedy for a higher rent, dishes out the door. They have only thirty days to find new housing with their modest middle-class income. On their mopeds they start a race against time and all kinds of prejudice