2017/Color/120 mins/ India

Category Competition on Indian Language's Films
Director Sagar Vanjari
Producer Navalkishor Sarda
Screenplay Sanjay Navgire
Cinematography Mangesh Gadekar
Editor Sagar Vanjari
Music Piyush Shah
Set Nilesh Gorkshe
Costume Purnima Oak
Cast Shashank Shende, Chhaya Kadam, Gauri Konge, Vinamra Bhabal, Mrunmyi Supal
Production Company Naval Films, Latur
World Sales NA
Festival/Awards NA

This is a story of Tatu and his family, set in the mid 1970's. Tatu, a short tempered, irate middle-aged man living in a small village, is fascinated and curious to see a radio, a small portable transistor, for the first time in his life.