2016/Color/100 mins/India

Category Competition on Indian Language's Films
Director Panchakshari
Producer Basantkumar Patil
Screenplay Panchakshari
Cinematography Ashok V. Raman
Editor M. N. Swamy
Music S. R. Ramkrishna
Set P. Chandrika
Costume Subhasini
Cast B. Jayashree, Spandana Prasad, Sringeri Ramanna, Achut Kumar, Prasanna Shetty
Production Company Basant Productions, Bangalore
World Sales Basant Productions
Festival/Awards NA

Pathumma is a poor widow earning her livelihood by selling rotis to a hotel. She deposits money with a trusted jeweller to build a house. Her hut is washed away by the raging sea, the jeweller gives her money she has saved and some money from his own end for her to build her a house. Her character in the film represents Muslim women, and she upholds the harmony with which Muslims and Hindus have lived in peace for centuries.