Chahat Ke Gubbare

2017/Color/19 mins 53 sec

Category Competition on Indian Short Films
Director Amritanshu
Producer NA
Screenplay NA
Cinematography Juhi Sharma
Editor Hrishikesh Petwe
Music NA
Set NA
Costume NA
Cast Sunitta Menghanaani, Heeth Bokadia, Hrishikesh Petwe, Amritanshu, Rahul V, Juhi Sharma
Production Company L.V. Prasad Film and Tv Academy
World Sales NA
Festival/Awards NA

Munna, a young kid wants to desperately buy a balloon. But all of his efforts to convince his mother to get one seem to go in vain. One day, he decides that if his mother won't buy him a balloon he will himself go and get one for himself. Putting himself through a series of tribulations, he starts working at a excavation site. Getting paid one rupee a day, he manages to work there for five days and earns five rupees ultimately. But as he is about prepare himself to buy a balloon, his mother too gives him five rupees as she realises his love for the balloon. A little confused as now he has two five rupees. He goes and buys one for himself. As he his rejoicing his little victory he suddenly trips and falls on his balloon, bursting in the process. In the end, Munna comes back home to give the second five rupees to his mother, thus realising the importance of family and maturing into a more understanding person from a little juvenile.