1999/Color/115 mins/Thailand

Category Retrospective - Pen-Ek Ratanaruang
Director Pen-Ek Ratanaruang
Producer Pen-ek Ratanaruang
Screenplay Pen-ek Ratanaruang
Cinematography Chankit Chamnivikapong
Editor Patamanadda Yukol
Music NA
Set Pawas Sawatchaiyamet
Costume Sombasara Theerasaroj
Cast Lalita Panyopas (Tum), Sirisin Siripornsmathikul (Pen), Cheathavuth Watcharakhun (Sornchakr), Surapong Mekpongsathorn, Tasanawalai Ongartittichai (Jim), Black Phomtong (Kanchit), Prompop Lee (shop owner), Arun Wannarbodeewong (Mr. Tong), , Jaran Petcharoen (old man),
Production Company NA
World Sales Albatros Film, Edko Films, Floris Films, Palm Pictures
Festival/Awards Rotterdam (2000); Berlin (2000); Hong Kong (2000); Singapore (2000); Thailand (2000)/Best Feature at Brooklyn Film Festival 2000; FIPRESCI Prize at Hong Kong International Film Festival 2000; Don Quixote Award - Special Mention at Berlin International Film Festival 2000

Tum is a secretary in a finance company. The ailing economy forces the company to lay-off some of its staff, and Tum happens to be one of them. The morning after, Tum, still shocked and depressed, finds a box of instant noodles in front of her apartment. She takes the box inside, but before she can decide what to do with it, there is a knock on her door. Two thugs from a Thai-boxing camp ask her if she has seen the noodle box. Out of fear, she tells them she hasn't. They don't believe her, and force their way into her flat, only to be killed, accidentally, by Tum. Tum decides to get rid of their bodies, get a plane ticket, get a fake passport and visa made, take the noodle box with her and go spend the rest of her life somewhere else. What if the man who makes fake passports turns out to be the owner of the noodle box? What if a neighbour, who believes Tum stole her lover, is planning a sordid revenge? And what if, on that very same day, Tum's closest friend also sees her sweet love affair burst just like the economic bubble? This strange coincidence coupled with the mysterious disappearance of the two thugs and the noodle box sets off a chain of events which quickly get out of everyone's control.