The Disenchanted

2017/Color/98 mins/Turkey, France, Germany

Category International Competition: Innovation in Moving Images
Director Selim Gunes
Producer Nur Gune
Screenplay Selim Gunes
Cinematography Feza Caldiran
Editor Ahmet Can Cakirca
Music Mete Ayguven
Set Nataly Yeres
Costume NA
Cast Mert Tanik (Kuzey), Denise Ankel (Safak), Bahar Yanilmaz (Cigdem), Bugra Koctepe (Sami)
Production Company Agustos Film
World Sales NA
Festival/Awards NA

Kuzey who is a disillusioned self-exiled man runs hotel with his friend Sami. In 1998, Safak, a young girl, who does research about Greek villages comes to Foca. They fall in love. Safak, with great passion, goes and returns five times. Eventually, Kuzey, giving some serious thought to Safak's future and aspirations, makes her abandon himself. After a while Kuzey learns that Safak is missing. He starts searching her with fisherman Yunus. After 5 years due to the economic difficulties with the hotel Kuzey approaches his brother Salim for his part of the inheritance money only to find that there is none left. In 2003 sees the arrival of Cigdem, a young woman. Cigdem is the investment consultant. The film will focus on the love between Kuzey and Safak, Kuzey's pain and regrets, his friendship and conflicts with Sami. Upon Yunus finding the remains of Safak's car at the bottom of the sea, Kuzey leaves the hotel. He goes to the very same place to meet Safak.