The Holy Fish

2017/Color/90 mins/India

Category International Competition: Innovation in Moving Images
Director Saneep Mishra, Vimal Ch. Pandey
Producer NA
Screenplay NA
Cinematography Vidyanath Bharti
Editor Neelesh Oraon
Music Rohit Sharma
Set Abhijit, Arbendra
Costume Lata S. Singh
Cast Sayed Iqbal Ahmad (Parshuram), Suman Patel (Saraswati), Nishant Kumar (Jeetu), Ashwini Agrawal (Daya Panda), Abhinav Sharma (Bodhi), Pratima Verma (Alba)
Production Company Humble Bull Creation
World Sales NA
Festival/Awards NA

Dying Parshuram, a retired teacher, recovers from a near death experience only to give himself another chance of death-this time a meaningful one, by attaining salvation (Moksha), which, according to Hindu mythology, is the highest goal of a human being. To attain the same, heembarks on a mission to find a mystical fish, mentioned in the religious folklores which is said to grant people their heartiest desires. On the holy land of Sangam, during the auspicious time of 'Kumbha' -one of the biggest religious gatherings in the world, he starts his search and encounters different faces of belief and religious business. Finally, he meets a priest named Daya panda and his boatman friend, Jeetu. He shares his quest with the duo, and his disappointing journey up till now.