2017/B&W/91 mins/Hungary

Category International Competition: Innovation in Moving Images
Director Ferenc Torok
Producer Ivan Angelusz, Peter Reich
Screenplay Ferenc Torok, Gabor T. Szanto
Cinematography Ragalyi Elemer
Editor Bela Barsi
Music Tibor Szemzo
Set Laszlo Rajk
Costume Sosa Juristovszky
Cast Ivan Angelus (Samuel Hermann), Peter Rudolf (Town Clerk), Bence Tasnadi (Szentes Arpad), Tamas Szabo Kimmel(Jancsi), Dora Sztarenki (Kisrozsi), Agi Szirtes (Kustar Andrasne), Jozsef Szarvas (Kustar Andras), Eszter Nagy-Kalozy (Mrs. Szentes)
Production Company Katapult Film. Tel: +36 1 787-3558, Web www.katapultfilm.hu
World Sales NA
Festival/Awards Berlin,2017; Jerusalem,2017

It's August 1945-the war is over, and an uneasy, humid stillness pervades a small Hungarian village longing for a return to normalcy. The young pharmacist prepares to marry; train station workers busy themselves with a changeover; and men huddle in pubs, gruffly drinking away petty disputes. Two strangers arrive-they wear serious, withdrawn expressions and thick, black clothes. They are father and son; they are Holocaust survivors. The town eyes them with immediate suspicion: are they here to reclaim stolen land? To open a competing pharmacy? Will they expose the villagers' wartime crimes and complicit silence?