Los Perros

2017/Color/94 mins/France, Chile

Category International Competition: Innovation in Moving Images
Director Marcela Said
Producer Tom Dercourt, Sophie Erbs, Augusto Matte
Screenplay Marcela Said
Cinematography George Lechaptois
Editor Jean de Certeau
Music Gregoire Auger
Set NA
Costume NA
Cast Antonia Zegers (Mariana), Alfredo Castro (Juan)
Production Company NA
World Sales Films Boutique
Festival/Awards NA

Mariana (42) is part of that Chilean upper class that takes privilege for granted. Despised by both her father and her husband, she feels a strange attraction towards her riding teacher, Juan (60), a former colonel suspected of human rights abuses during the dictatorship. But their offending affair cracks through the invisible walls that protect her family from the past. It's the story of a strange kind of love affair that evolves between two deeply unlikeable people. It hardly seems right to call a relationship between such self-invested, ungenerous characters love at all. But there is a kindred feeling there, an oddly animalistic understanding, as though the black, cold thing inside her recognizes the black, cold thing inside him