A Sort of Family

2017/Color/95 mins/Argentina, Brazil, France, Poland

Category International Competition: Innovation in Moving Images
Director Diego Lerman
Producer Nicolas Avruj, Diego Lerman
Screenplay Diego Lerman, Maria Meira
Cinematography Wojciech Staron
Editor Alejandro Brodersohn
Music Jose Villalobos
Set Marcos Pedroso
Costume NA
Cast Barbara Lennie, Daniel Araoz, Claudio Tolcachir
Production Companies Campo Cine, Bellota Films, Bossanova, Staron Films, 27 film, Act3, Snowglobe
World Sales Film Factory Entertainment
Festival/Awards NA

The film follows a determined woman as she navigates the legally complex and morally dubious labyrinth of child adoption in the rural, disadvantaged communities of Argentina's north. Legal adoption can be a long, laborious, and exhausting process. Its frustrations and disappointments often push eager would-be parents to find other arrangements. The film follows one determined woman as she navigates the complex world of child adoption in Argentina's Misiones province.