2015/color/90mins/Belgium, Netherlands, Croatia

Category Special Tribute
Director Marion Hansel
Producer Null
Screenplay Null
Cinematography Null
Editor Null
Music Null
Set Ivan Veljaca
Costume Null
Cast John Lynch, Sergi Lopez, Olivier Gourmet
Production Company Man's Films
World Sales Doc and Film International
Festival/Awards Null

On board a little tub of a boat, Homer and Joe, both in their fifties, sail a river up to waterfalls in Croatia. Until the recent death of their father, they did not know about each other's existence. Yet, they are half brothers. Sean, an enigmatic Irish adventurer, joins them. "Upstream" is a psychological adventure where these modest and solitary men will reveal some of their secrets, their hopes, perhaps, and where blood ties, whether they like it or not, will unite them.