1995/Color/123 mins/USA, UK

Category Literature and Cinema
Director Oliver Parker
Producer Luc Roeg and David Barron
Screenplay Oliver Parker
Cinematography David Johnson
Editor Tony Lawson
Music Charlie Mole
Set Tim Harvey
Costume Caroline Harris
Cast Laurence Fishburne (Othello), Kenneth Branagh (Iago), Irene Jacob (Desdemona), Nathaniel Parker (Cassio), Michael Maloney (Roderigo), Anna Patrick (Emilia)
Production Company Castle Rock Entertainment
World Sales Columbia Pictures
Festival/Awards Null

Othello returns victorious to Venice after wearisome battles against the Turks. Iago, Othello's trusted companion, envies his life and plans to ruin it by manipulating the fearless leader into believing that his lovely wife Desdemona is having an affair with Cassio, his loyal lieutenant. He plants Desdemona's handkerchief in Cassio's clothing for Othello to find. Othello becomes convinced of Desdemona's infidelity and decides to kill the unfaithful duo. He smothers his wife before Emilia-Iago's wife- reveals the truth to him. He realizes the weight of what he has done so he kills himself, and Iago is taken away to be executed.