Eisenstein in Guanajuato

2015/Color/105 mins/Netherlands, Mexico, Finland, Belgium

Category Special Tribute
Director Peter Greenaway
Producer Bruno Felix, San Fu Maltha, Cristina Velasco, Femke Wolting
Screenplay Peter Greenaway
Cinematography Reinier van Brummelen
Editor Elmer Leupen
Music Sergei Prokofiev
Set Hector Iruegas
Costume Brenda Gomez
Cast Elmer Back (Sergei Eisenstein), Luis Alberti (Palomino Canedo), Rasmus Slatis (Grisha Alexandrov), Jakob Ohrman (Eduard Tisse), Maya Zapata (Concepcion Canedo), Lisa Owen (Mary Craig Sinclair)
Production Company Submarine, Fu Works, Paloma Negra Films
World Sales Films Boutique
Festival/Awards Berlin 2016, Toronto 2016

In 1931 the Soviet director Sergei Eisenstein travels to Guanajuato to direct his film Que viva Mexico. There he encounters a new culture and its dealings with death; he also discovers another revolution-and his own body. Peter Greenaway depicts Eisenstein as an eccentric artist who travels to Mexico filled with the hubris of being an internationally celebrated star director. Once there, he gets into difficulties with his American financier, the novelist Upton Sinclair. At the same time he begins, in the simultaneously joyful and threatening foreign land, to re-evaluate his homeland and the Stalinist regime. And, in doing so, he undergoes the transition from a conceptual filmmaker into an artist fascinated by the human condition. Under his gaze, the signs, impressions, religious and pagan symbols of Mexican culture assemble themselves anew.