The Fabolous Patars

2016/Color/98 mins/France

Category Cinema International
Director Sophie Reine
Producer Isabelle Grellat
Screenplay Sophie Reine, Gladys Marciano
Cinematography Renaud Chassaing
Editor Claire Fieschi, Nassim Gordji
Music Sebastien Souchois
Set Thomas Grezaud
Costume Ezaud Costumes Julie Miel
Cast Gustave Kervern, Camille Cottin, Heloise Dugas, Fanie Zanini,Thomas Guy
Production Company Mandarin Cinema
World Sales Mk2
Festival/Awards NULL

Denis is a loving, affectionate but overworked father.He strugglesto raise his highly spiriteddaughters, Janine and Mercredi, on his own while holding down two jobs. Everything goes sour when Denis forgets Mercredi, one too many times at the school gates. Severine, a cheerful social worker, is appointed to scrutinize the family's daily lives and eventually cannot avoid condemning Denis to a 'parent training course'. The film is about whether or not the eccentric family is able to conform and remain together under one roof.