Letters from War

2015/B&W/105 mins/Portugal

Category Cinema International
Director Ivo M. Ferreira
Producer Luis Urbano, Sandro Aguilar
Screenplay Ivo M. Ferreira, Edgar Medina
Cinematography Joao Ribeiro
Editor Sandro Aguilar
Music NULL
Set Nuno G. Mello
Costume Lucha d'Orey
Cast Miguel Nunes (Antonio), Margarida Vila-Nova (Maria Jose)
Production Company O Som a a Furia
World Sales NULL
Festival/Awards Berlin 2016

Based on Antonio Lobo Antunes's novel, a collection of letters written by a young soldier, doctor and a aspirant writer, to his wife while he was serving in Angola between 1971 and 1973, during the Portuguese Colonial War, a war between Portugal with its former overseas provinces.