Play the Devil

2016/color/90mins/ Trinidad,Tobago

Category International Competition : Women Directors' Films
Director Maria Govan
Producer Abigail Hadeed, Maria Govan
Screenplay Maria Govan
Cinematography James Wall
Editor Thomas A. Krueger
Music Adam Walters
Set Frank Seales
Costume Zidelle Daniel
Cast Melanie Archer (Teacher 1), Blair Cameron (Celia), Ayana Cezanne (Kendra), Aaron N. Charles (Old Fool)
Production Company Play The Devil Pictures
World Sales M-appeal
Festival/Awards Los Angeles 2016

A powerful businessman, James, seduces a dirt-poor 18-year-old student, Greg, who dreams of becoming a photographer, but is being pushed by his mother to apply for a medical scholarship which would take him to Europe and into a moneyed career. In another time, another place, their relationship could have been an idyll. As James inveigles himself into Gregory's life, he pushes the lad-who refuses to accept his homosexuality let alone reveal it -into a desperate corner where he has only one kind power left to him.