Wolf Totem


Category Country Focus : China
Director Jean-Jacques Annaud
Producer La Peikang, Xavier Castano, Jean-Jacques Annaud
Screenplay Jean-Jacques Annaud, Alain Godard, Lu Wei, John Collee
Cinematography Jean-Marie Dreujou
Editor Reynald Bertrand
Music James Horner
Set Zhang Haiwang
Costume Ma Yingbo
Cast Feng Shaofeng (Chen Zhen), Ankhnyam Ragchaa (Gasma), Shawn Dou (Yang Ke), Basen Zhabu (Bilig)
Production Company China Film Co. Ltd
World Sales Wild Bunch
Festival/Awards Won Golden Lotus awards for Best director, Best film and Best cinematography -t Macau 2015; Best film at Golden Rooster awards 2015; Tiantian Award for best film and best visual effects at Beijing Film Festival

In 1967, Beijing intellectuals Chen Zhen and Yang Ke join a party-led "production team" in Inner Mongolia to improve the livelihood of the nomads, as well as droves of Han Chinese migrating to the area. Among the first generation of urban youths to volunteer to move to the countryside to learn from the peasants, Chen ends up receiving a startling higher education from the wolves that roam the vast plains. He barely escapes, but the hair-raising encounter arouses his fascination with these creatures. He befriends the sagacious Mongolian chief Bilig, who imparts his knowledge about lupine behavior and explains their importance in balancing the ecosystem.