My Father's Wings


Category International Competition : Innovations in Moving Images
Director Kivanc Sezer
Producer Soner Alper
Screenplay Kivanc Sezer
Cinematography Jorg Gruber
Editor Umut Sakallioglu
Music Bajar, Vedat Yildirim
Set Rabia Kip
Costume Null
Cast Menderes Samancilar (Ibrahim), Musab Ekici (Yusuf), Kubra Kip (Nihal), Tansel Ongel (Resul)
Production Company Nar Films
World Sales Null
Festival/Awards Null

Ibrahim and his nephew Yusuf work as construction workers in a luxury house construction site in Istanbul. Ibrahim finds out that he has a severe lung cancer. Working conditions become harder each day but Ibrahim is constrained to complete the work in the site. Then a work accident happens in the construction site in which family of the worker is paid compensation and when Ibrahim gets to know, his conflict starts. On the other hand, Ibrahim's nephew, Yusuf who is full of life and ambition witnesses his uncle's progression of the illness and state of being it will be a milestone for him.