Fragments of Love

2016/Color/100mins/Puerto Rico, Colombia

Category Cinema International
Director Fernando Vallejo
Producer Laura Duque
Screenplay Lina Arboleda, Pablo Proenza, Fernando Vallejo
Cinematography Jaime Costas
Editor Juan Carlos Macias
Music Randy Kerber
Set Lizzie Cuello Gebetsberger
Costume Andrea Dantas
Cast Angelica Blandon (Susan), Jose Angel Bichir (Rodrigo), Alfredo de Quesada (Isaias)
Production Company NULL
World Sales Wide International Sales & Production
Festival/Awards Montreal 2016

In a city darkened by violence, faith unites Susana and Rodrigo. The lovers live a boundless passion cocooned in Susana's apartment. Every night, Susana opens up and tells Rodrigo a story about her sexual encounters with past lovers. Reluctant to hear the stories at first, Rodrigo will soon let go and together they will relive each and every one of Susana's sensual memories. The film is an intimate exploration of seduction, obsession and self-destruction; a story of love and pain that touches a man's most strongest and fragile emotions.