At Your Door step


Category Cinema International
Director Eduard Cortes
Producer Loris Omedes
Screenplay Eduard CortEs, Piti EspaNol
Cinematography David Omedes
Editor KoldoIdigoras
Music Silvia Perez Cruz
Set Isaac-Pierre Racine
Costume Myriam Ibanez
Cast Silvia Perez Cruz(Sonia), Lluis Homar (Tomas), Adriana Ozores (Mercedes), Ivan Massague (Dani), Manuel Moron (Martin), Ivan Benet(Jaime), Oriol Vila (Pablo)
Production Company Bausan Films S.L.
World Sales Latido Films
Festival/Awards NULL

Year 2007.Three stories intertwine as different people deal with the challenges of living through times of crisis. An evicted mother, a banker with a conscience and a police officer who has to do his job, sing and dance in this Brechtian musical drama about the economic crisis, people's struggle with daily life, solidarity and hope. In the face of so much frustration and helplessness there is only one way out: to understand that one's drama isnít an individual tragedy, that an increasing number of people are finding themselves in the same situation, that the worst possible approach to the problem is to experience it as a personal failure, to be hidden as something disgraceful and shameful.