Black Coal, Thin Ice

2014/color/106 mins/Hong Kong,China

Category Country Focus : China
Director Diao Yinan
Producer Vivian Qu
Screenplay Diao Yinan
Cinematography Dong Jinsong
Editor Yang Hongyu
Music Wen Zi
Set Liu Qiang
Costume Null
Cast Fan Liao (Zhang Zili), Lun Mei Gwei (Wu Zhizhen), Xuebing Wang (Liang Zhijun)
Production Company Omnijoi Media Corp.
World Sales Fortissimo Films
Festival/Awards Golden Berlin Bear Award and Silver Berlin Bear Award - Berlin 2014; Best Actor and Best Screenplay award - Asian Film Awards 2015; Award for outstanding cinematography - Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2014

Northern China, 1999. The grisly discovery of several corpses is made in a small town. A bloody incident during the attempt to capture the alleged murderer leaves two police officers dead and another badly injured. The surviving officer Zhang Zili is suspended from duty; he takes a job as a security guard at a factory. Five years later, another series of mysterious murders occurs. Aided by a former colleague, Zhang decides to investigate under his own initiative. He discovers that all the victims were connected to Wu Zhizhen, a young woman who works at a dry cleaners. Pretending to be a customer, Zhang begins to observe her and finds himself falling in love with the reticent Wu Zhizhen. One cold winter's day he makes a horrific discovery. His life now in danger, he realises it is not always possible to separate guilt from innocence.