The Road to Mandalay

2016/color/108mins/Taiwan, Myanmar, France, Germany

Category Asian Select (NETPAC Award)
Director Midi Z
Producer Patrick Mao Huang, Midi Z
Screenplay Midi Z
Cinematography Tom Fan
Editor Matthieu Laclau
Music Lim Giong
Set Akekarat Homlaor
Costume Rujirumpai Mongkol, Phim Umari
Cast Kai Ko (Guo), Ke-Xi Wu (Lianqing)
Production Company Null
World Sales Urban Distribution International
Festival/Awards Toronto 2016

A rundown truck barrels down the road, transporting its "illegal" human cargo under cover of night. On board is Guo, a kind and honest young man who doesn't think of himself as an illegal immigrant, as he has no intention of staying in Thailand. Just out of military service, he has a plan: work for a while in a textile factory, bring the money back to Burma, find the love of his life, and live happily ever after. Little does he expect to find the woman of his dreams on board this very truck.