How To Win at Checkers (Everytime)

2015/Color/80mins/Thailand, USA, Indonesia, Hong Kong

Category Asian Select
Director Josh Kim
Producer Edward Gunawan, Chris Lee, Anocha Suwichakornpong
Screenplay Josh Kim
Cinematography Nikorn Sripongwarakul
Editor Kamontorn Eakwattanakij
Music Bodvar isb Jornsson
Set Null
Costume Null
Cast Thira Chutikul, Ingkarat Damrongsakkul, Natarat Lakha,
Arthur Navarat,Vatanya Thamdee
Production Company Null
World Sales M-appeal
Festival/Awards Seattle 2015

In a dusty, poverty-stricken outskirts of Bangkok, Oat, a pre-teen orphan lives with his aunt, little cousin, and openly gay older brother, Ek. Oat and Ek's relationship is realistic and tender, focusing on Oat's idolization of his older brother, Ek's incessant good-natured bullying, and the important moments in between, like playing checkers and riding motorcycles. When Ek receives a notice in the mail to attend a military lottery, where if you draw a black card you stay home, with a red card you are drafted, the event looms heavily in Oat's mind. Overhearing that Ek's long-term and wealthy boyfriend Jai has bribed his way into securing a black card, Oat decides he'll dip his foot into the criminal world to steal a bribe as well and save his brother from going away.